George Lucas to Build $1 Billion Museum in Los Angeles

Getty Images | Bloomberg

George Lucas has contributed much not just to American pop culture but also to culture and the world in general. The legendary creator of Star Wars not only founded the George Lucas Educational Foundation with the purpose of encouraging creativity and innovation in K-12 schools; he has also pledged to donate a considerable amount of his own wealth to charity (approximately $4 BILLION to be exact). Now, after selling the Star Wars license to Disney, he’s starting a new venture.

Getty Images | DEA / W. BUSS
Getty Images | DEA / W. BUSS


THR reports that George Lucas has selected Exposition Park in Los Angeles as the site for his upcoming Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. The facility will house props and materials from various films, photographs, and paintings, as well as props from his most famous sci-fi film franchise. The facility will reportedly be divided into three sections: The Art of Cinema, The History of Narrative Art, and Digital Art. Each will cover different aspects of the audio-visual arts, such as set design, screenplays, prop design, visual effects, makeup, etc.

Getty Images | Michael Kovac
Getty Images | Michael Kovac


It’s nice that George Lucas has finally managed to get his passion project going after all these years. I’d say he’s earned it at this point. If completed, this will undoubtedly be a welcome new tourist attraction for the City of Angels (as if it needed any), as well as more than a thousand jobs involved in its construction, which admittedly isn’t much, but in this economy it certainly doesn’t hurt. More importantly, let’s hope this museum will inspire and introduce countless young minds to the world of the cinematic arts.

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