How To Get Kim Kardashian’s Pierced Manicure

Starlet shows off edgy-glam manicure on snapchat

How Pampered IS Kim Kardashian? Check Out Her Ridiculous Manicure

In a recent video on Snapchat, Kim Kardashian showed off an unexpectedly chic manicure featuring pierced nails. The starlet moved her fingers this way and that in the video, showing off gorgeous lavender chrome colored nails. From each finger, Kardashian sported two to three gold hoops dangling from the end of each nail. Sound odd? The look is cuter than you’d think, see for yourself below!

Though the nails may seem a complicated look to accomplish on your own at home, the steps are surprisingly simple! Aside from regular manicure supplies, all you need is a needle, a flame, a thumbtack, a bit of nail jewelry, and long nails, of course. Nail jewelry for this look can easily be purchased online.


Heat up a needle over an open flame for about fifteen seconds, until it is hot.


Once the needle is heated, use it to poke a hole through the desired spot of the end of your nail. Careful not to pierce too close the edge, as this can cause breakage.


If you are using thicker gauge nail jewelry, use a thumbtack to widen the hole you made with the needle. The thumbtack does not need to be heated.


Once you have measured the piercing to make sure the jewelry fits, buff away the rough edges of the piercing.


Manicure you nails as usual. Once your nails are completely dry, fix jewelry in place.


Show off your gorgeous nail look!

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