Iwan Rheon Cast as Adolf Hitler

Iwan Rheon, actor of Ramsey Bolton, will play Adolf Hitler

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In some perfect casting, Iwan Rheon will be playing Adolf Hitler in SkyArt’s Urban Myths. Rheon infamously played Ramsey Bolton, one of the major antagonists of Game of Thrones. If you don’t remember Ramsey Bolton, here’s a reminder: he was the slimy guy that terrorized Sansa Stark, poisoned his own father, fed his step-mother and step-brother to rabid dogs, turned Theon Greyjoy into ‘Reek’, regularly skinned his opponents, and even led an army against Jon Snow.

In short, the kind of dude that deserves to be called “Adolf Hitler”.

Rheon will be playing Adolf Hitler in his early years as an aspiring artist before he became the leader of the Nazi Party. Interestingly, Rheon will be acting alongside Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasely. Grint will be playing Hitler’s Friend. A bit of a far cry from acting the best friend of Harry Potter.

The show won’t be going Schindler’s List on the subject of Hitler’s early life. Instead, it will be poking fun at myths surrounding the infamous figure. This is because Urban Myths is an eight-episode series that frames urban myths in a comedic and surreal light. For example, one episode deals with how Bob Dylan allegedly couch-surfed through London at the height of his fame. Urban Myths will premiere on SkyArt’s website January 19th.

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