Kate Upton Channels Marilyn Monroe for LOVE Magazine

The Blonde Bombshell Lives On

Kate Upton, a 24-year old model, lights-up the set in Doug Inglish’s video for LOVE Magazine. She is no amateur when it comes to enticing a crowd, and she does just that and leaves viewers wanting more. She plays coy with the camera during her little game of hide-and-seek, and creates innocence that is almost childlike.

The video starts with the track “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best-friend” performed by Marilyn Monroe which sets the tone of the video to be magical. Upton’s make-up and hair was styled to be reminiscent of the late 50s early 60s, big hair and all.

The wardrobe choice worked in harmony with the aesthetic of the video. A sheer kimono styled robe with fur trim around the sleeves creates a delicate look that is also seductive. Under the robe Upton sports a peach-colored matching bra and underwear set that compliments her skin and all of her womanly curves.

Diamonds truly were Kate’s best-friend in this video and she kept them close. Rings, chokers, bracelets, and even her shoes were decked out in in diamonds which elevated the her revealing look.

Champagne was poured and spilled in all the best keeping the playful aspect of the video alive.

Kate Upton is this generations Blonde Bombshell, and she proved it with the help of LOVE Magazine.

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