Meet Madeline Burnett: An Instagrammer With An Eye For Beauty

Madeline Burnett uses her design skills to create perfect pictures.

Madeline Burnett has a magic eye for beauty. Treat yourself to a scroll through her Instagram and you’ll discover a wonderful mix of fashion, beauty and life depicted from the perfect camera angles. Whether it’s a single glass of Rosé gleaming against an alabaster winter sky, or a stunning selfie showcasing her newest outfit aside a burnt orange wall, Burnett’s passion for all things design is prominent in her photos. She’ll turn anything into a work of art. With over 38 thousand followers on her account, it’s clear the world is loving the pleasant vibes from her breathtaking arrangements. Currently studying Interior Design, Burnett uses her knowledge to decorate rooms, and people. We interviewed the Instagrammer and beauty blogger to find out more about her passion.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your work?

When it comes to the actual outfit, my inspiration comes from a lot of places. Instagram is a huge one because I am on it a lot and you can find a lot of outfit ideas that you won’t find on Pinterest, but I am also that girl that stares at other girl’s outfits out on the streets. If you catch me staring at you, it’s because I think you’re beautiful and I love your outfit, not because I’m rude 🙂 But I also get inspired by individual pieces of clothing. Once I pick one item it usually inspires a whole outfit. For interior design, it’s kind of similar. I pick one piece that I know I want to incorporate and then I go from there.

How did you start becoming interested in the world of designing?

I have always been interested, but never knew what it was. I would design posters and collages on Print Shop when I was little, decorate my room with the posters I made and things I found around the house, and design my Myspace page when I was in middle school (which is kind of like designing a website). It wasn’t until college, that I decided to change my degree to interior design after watching HGTV with my Mom all summer. When it came to designing for my blog, I had been watching makeup and fashion YouTube videos for a few years and always wanted to start one. I ended up making a website for myself for a summer class I took and then that lead me to starting my blog. I didn’t really have the resources to make a YouTube channel so that’s why I went with a blog instead. I didn’t realize I would enjoy it so much and that it would lead me to where I am today.

How do you go about doing someone’s makeup? What is most important
to you when beginning a look?

Anytime I do someone’s makeup, I ask them what look they want to go for. Then I ask them, “What do you not like people to do to your face makeup wise?” I want people to love their makeup and to feel beautiful. However, some people don’t like eyeliner on their bottom waterline, some people don’t like winged eyeliner, and some people don’t like their eyeliner to go all the way to the inner corner, etc… etc… For example, I hate when people put blush up too high. I’ve had people put blush on my cheekbones where my highlighter usually goes. Everybody does their makeup different, and if you do something they are not used to, like darker eyebrows, when they look at their face they are not going to be used to it and they are going to hate it. I used to never put anything on my lower lash line. No eyeliner, no mascara, no eyeshadow, nothing… So whenever I put mascara down there for the first time, I hated it. I thought I looked super ugly. Now that I’ve done it a lot, I love it. So you always have to be aware of that. You want to show your clients new things and do their makeup better than they do at home, but you want people to feel comfortable. But after that, I usually start with a good skincare regimen, move onto the face, and then the eyes.

What is your favorite created fashion/beauty look?

I love anything that is halfway between street style and the runway. The outfits you see in Vogue and the runway are just not wearable. You wouldn’t really walk down the street in that. But they are cool and they are funky and it looks like your a work of art. So if you can bring aspects of that into a look, that is my favorite. Whether it be a funky handbag, some beaded sunglasses, or some statement shoes. Something that makes a statement and then mix that with classic pieces that have clean lines and interesting proportions, I really think that’s cool.

What got you started with makeup?

YouTube. I wouldn’t be anywhere without that website. I didn’t know a thing about makeup, and only wore foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, and mascara. I didn’t even know what highlighter was. Now, I know everything there is about makeup (well almost). I started watching the videos, and experimenting with what I had, then eventually bought more makeup and slowly started learning new things. Once I realized what I could do to my face, and how it boosted my confidence, I was hooked. There is something so powerful about being able to change the whole look of your face and being able to express yourself.

You’ve accomplished such a great deal at such a young age. What
made you decide to start up an Instagram and blog page?

Well I have had an Instagram from the beginning. At first I thought it was just an editing app. I didn’t realize other people could see your pictures. But eventually I learned. I have always enjoyed putting together an Instagram theme and trying to create an Instagram that was aesthetically pleasing and that represented your brand. However, mine looked more like a personal account and didn’t have the aesthetic I was wanting to represent. So I started a new Instagram last year that only used my more artistic photos. Even this new Instagram has come a long way and I am really excited for where it’s going. The photos are only going to get more professional and I am trying to create a more editorial feel. When it comes to my blog, it was very random. It really stemmed from me wanting to start a YouTube Channel and I kind of just randomly decided to start a blog instead. I didn’t think much of it, but after that first blog post I was hooked and wanted to keep on writing. It’s really funny, because my Mom still laughs about it. She never expected me to ever start a blog. It surprised her because she didn’t even know I liked to write, and honestly, I didn’t really know either.

When did you realize this is what you wanted to do as a career?

After a few months. I learned that I really really enjoyed it. It allowed me to do everything that I have wanted to do. It’s really like the stars aligned. It joined all of my interests into one. I’m able to combine photography, styling, modeling, directing, and trying out new products and brands. It really is my dream job. I am already enjoying it and I know the harder I work and the bigger the following I get, the better and better it will be. I never thought that I would be able to work with the companies that I am or that I would be able to make a full time job out of this. Now that I have, I wish I would have started earlier.

Do you ever find it difficult to balance interior design, fashion
and beauty? Or do you find it goes hand-in-hand?

So far it hasn’t been difficult, because the interior design portion is strictly school right now. I keep my school and blog separate, and of course, school comes first. I only have a semester left right now, so it will be interesting to see how the interior design portion transitions from school to the real world. I definitely think that interior design and fashion go hand it hand. There’s a lot of mixing patterns and textures and creating proper and interesting proportions. Beauty, however, is a little different. There is definitely more technique involved. You have to learn how and where to apply the makeup as well as learn different tricks that make it look more natural. Fashion you can kind of just pick an outfit you see in a magazine, buy the different items and where them. Makeup, you can look at a model and decide to replicate their makeup look, but if you don’t know how to do makeup very well, you won’t be able to do it.

Who are your favorite style icons?

Definitely Chiara Ferragni and Lydia Millen. If you were to mix their two styles that would be me. Chiara is a little more edgy and funky and likes to use more colors while Lydia is a little more classic and neutral. You definitely need to check them out on Instagram. Also check out Lydia’s blog at because she is my absolute favorite blogger and who is the biggest inspiration for my blog. Also just want to say that my favorite designers are Miu Miu, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent.

How do you choose an “Instagram-worthy” picture to post?

Whenever I take a set of pictures of my outfit, afterwards I go through them and “favorite” them. I try to go fast and just favorite the ones that make me excited immediately. Once I do that, I edit them and then add them to my UNUM, which is pretty much an app that lets you plan out your Instagram feed. I am constantly changing the feed around and arranging the photos in a way that looks the most aesthetically pleasing. Once I’m happy with the feed, I keep it the way it is and then post.

As seen on your Instagram, your wedding was absolutely gorgeous.
Did you play a part in any of the designing aspects?

I did play some part of the design process. I lived in a different state from where my wedding was going to be, so I had to depend a lot on my Mom and some of my family friends. I told them what I wanted and sent them some pictures and they kind of took care of the rest. I wish that I was more involved with the design process than I was, but it worked out perfect anyways.

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