Netflix’s Newest Film “The Discovery” Raises A lot of Questions

Jason Segel and Rooney Mara Star in Netflix’s Romance/Science-Fiction Film

The film “The Discovery” takes place after humans discover the existence of an afterlife. This discovery leads to a number of shocking events unfolding throughout the film.

That being said, not much is known about the overall premise of the film, but the trailer does show viewers that Segel and Mara’s character will be working very close to one another.

The trailer starts off with smiles and an upbeat tune, but then the music gets a “chopped-and-screwed” remix, and those smiling faces turn into faces filled with an unsettling amount of worry and strife.

A portion of the trailer shows Segel and Mara hauling a body bag out of what seems to be a hospital or some type of laboratory. This can mean a number of things for our protagonist like theft, or even murder.

One thing is known for sure, and that is that this film will strike a number of thought provoking chords in the viewers.

the film will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20th 2017, and it will be released on Netflix March 31st 2017.

Take a peak at the trailer below:

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