Nick Cannon Speaks Out About Mariah Carey

Who does Nick blame for the NYE flub? The government.

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It’s been weeks since the Mariah Carey fiasco went down on NYE and while it quickly went viral, the entire ordeal has finally died down.

Ex Nick Cannon is a little late to the party as he’s finally publicly made some comment on the situation. Did he take Carey’s side and blame Dick Clark Productions? Not exactly. He, like every other conspiracy theorist, blamed the government. Cannon joked on the Ellen DeGeneres show and said, “You know me, I’m a conspiracy theorist, I think the government did that. They set her up. That was a distraction. They just put her out there.

Jokes aside, Cannon fully supported Carey and said, “I mean, anyone who knows about performing and having in-ears and stuff, things like that can go wrong on live television,” Cannon explained. “I do live television all the time. I screw up on America’s Got Talent all the time. When there’s people in your ears, saying things and stuff, I think she kinda got a little flustered.”

Watch the full interview below:

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