Obama Presidency: Memorable Moments

After last night’s farewell address many are recalling their most memorable moments of the Obama Presidency.

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America’s favorite has officially said farewell.

Last night President Barack Obama gave his Farewell Address and it’s safe to say those who were watching teared up at one point. Pretty sure we all broke down when he said, “Michelle”. The room roared, as they should have. She’s the best.

Like @lovebscott, many took to twitter to share reactions, favorites from his speech, and memorable moments from the Obama Presidency.

Of course, celebs everywhere got in on the action. Some like Ellen, showing love on social media:

Others got together with the White House to create a video that was released days before his farewell. Watch below:

As far as memorable moments go, I’d say number one for this writer has to have been casting my very first ballot for not just an incredible President, but a hope for change.

We’ll miss you President Obama.

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