President Barack Obama Surprises VP Joe Biden

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, have been dubbed ‘friendship goals’ and the greatest bromance yet, all over the internet. Their relationship is the closest had amongst any previous President and VP. As Obama said in his Farewell Address, picking Biden as his VP was the first/best decision he’d ever made, and the two frequently refer to one another as brothers. That type of friendship is genuine and can make anyone teary eyed. Well, get your tissues ready President Obama came in with one last surprise as his days of duty draw to an end.

President Obama gathered all today to pay tribute to Joe Biden and gave him the surprise of a lifetime, honoring him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. This medal is the highest civilian honor. It was an emotional moment as VP Biden couldn’t hold back his tears.

How perfect are they?

Of course all of Twitter had #JoeBiden trending as the entire moment went down and the reactions are so spot on.

Tears everywhere.

I’m going to add Sara David twice because her tweets are so great. So great…

Pretty sure Leslie Knope is on the floor overcome by emotions, like the rest of us.

This Bromance will be in history books and these two will sincerely be missed. While they’ve hit the internet in a huge way, they’ve also moved America, and will continue to do so. We thank you President Obama and Vice President Biden for everything you’ve done for this country.

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