Shia LeBeouf Arrested at His Own Protest

The actor was taken into custody for attacking another protester

Shia LeBeouf Arrested at His Own Protest

In the past few years, actor Shia LeBeouf has garnered attention and made himself known for his odd antics and lifestyle choices. Most recently, LeBeouf has made headlines with his outspoken distaste, bordering on hatred, for the nation’s new President. The actor has taken these feelings and used them to create a thoughtful and innovative fusion of protest and installation art.

LeBeouf has paid to have a livestream set up in Brooklyn that is meant to run throughout the next four years of President Trump’s administration. The purpose of the livestream setup is to have anti Trump protesters recite “He will not divide us” into the camera to encourage others to remain united in the face of a new administration that they may not agree with.

LeBeouf has consistently been at the site himself, leading the chant with other protesters. Recently, the star was seen getting unnecessarily rough with a passerby who expressed a difference of opinion, shouting in his ears and shoving him with his body. Just last night, LeBeouf again got rough with a Trump supporter. The unidentified man sustained injuries to his neck as the actor scratched him in multiple places as he aggressively grabbed his scarf. NYPD, who have been stationed at the marathon protest, quickly detained LeBeouf and led him away from the site of his own protest.

Protesters claim that he was protecting them against Nazis, and “took a hit” for them. Though in a video obtained from the livestream, there are no “Nazis” to be seen. LeBeouf has been seen time and time again getting incredibly aggressive with anyone who expresses an opinion that goes against his own. Doesn’t that inherently go against his own beliefs of “unity” and freedom of expression? Freedom of speech? Peaceful protests? Granted, if there were “Nazis” there threatening others, by all means, get them out of there.

With everything aside, LeBeouf is to be commeneded for organizing such a thoughtful fusion of art and protest, a true example of the creativity and freedom of expression this country allows us. His installation bears a positive message, with love and unity at the forefront. Unforutunely for everyone else that has participated, the actor’s behavior that is beginning to discredit the entire protest in the eyes of others. What do you think? See the video of Shia LeBeouf’s arrest from the livestream below.


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