The Onion Partners With Lionsgate to Make Movies

The Onion moving into the film industry and partnering with Lionsgate to release three movies.

Everyone’s favorite satirical “journalism” website, The Onion, is now making movies. Publisher of Pulitzer-snubbed articles such as “Studies Reveal Babies Are Stupid”, “Black Guy Asks Nation For Change“, and “Pop Culture Expert Surprisingly Not Ashamed Of Self“, The Onion has decided to move on from the dying format of journalism and into the money-making film industry.

In the words of Onion Studios VP Kyle Ryan to Variety, “We’ve plotted our takeover of the film industry for some time. With the help of Serious Business and Lionsgate, we’ll make room on our award shelf for some Oscars. To the basement you go, Pulitzers.”

The Onion partnering with Lionsgate is a match made in heaven. Lionsgate, as of last night, won a mountain of awards with La La Land. This means Lionsgate may finally bring something respectable to the disreputable The Onion.

The partnership is a lengthy three-film deal. But will those three films finally mark the beginning of a long-awaited cinematic Onion universe? This writer is personally hoping for a The Onion: The Movie, The A.V. Club: Film School Dropouts, and a Clickhole: Top Whatever-Number-That-Will-Make-This-Film-Feature-Length Reasons You Should Watch This Movie to soon grace the silver screen.


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