Vanity Fair Releases 2017 Hollywood Issue

Influential actresses pose together for a phenomenal cover

Vanity Fair’s second annual Hollywood issue has officially been announced for this year, featuring talented and deserving actresses. Having eleven most-watched starts grace the cover, the magazine is packed with some of the best influencers on 2016.

Lupita Nyong’o, Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Natalie Portman start off the list by posing together in glorious gowns on part one of the cover. Following the featured stars are Ruth Negga, Dakota Fanning, Ella Fanning, Phia Naomi, Dakota Johnson, Greta Gerwig and Janelle Monae. With such a big feature, the cover was split up into three parts to be able to debut all of the stars.

Each of these actresses contributed to major films in 2016 and left the year right with their powerful voices and talents. Negga is featured as a break-through actress and is now nominated for an Oscar nomination, while stars such as Stone is getting ready to premiere in her 24th film.

 Emma Stone

Everyone featured on the cover offers a diverse performance in each of their roles, which has contributed to their major followings.

The cover was shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Jessica Diehl, showcasing a memorable issue for years to come.

This issue is set to release in New York City and Los Angeles as well as on the iPhone Kindle and several other devices on Feb 2. Vanity Fair’s special edition issue will then be released nationally on Feb 7.

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