Woody Harrelson Could Be in Han Solo Spinoff

Getty Images | Thomas Kronsteiner

Have you ever wanted to see Zombieland’s ghoul-killing Tallahasee in a movie with everybody’s favorite space smuggler, Han Solo? Well, you just might get your wish.


It’s been confirmed that Woody Harrelson, star of the Hunger Games franchise, is in talks with Disney for a role in the next scheduled Star Wars spinoff film centered on the adventures of a young Han Solo, many years before his first appearance in the original 1977 film.


If cast, Harrelson will possibly be playing a mentor-like figure to Solo, who will be portrayed by Alden Ehrenrich, an up and coming young actor who recently starred in the Coen Brother’s Hail, Caesar! last year. Variety reports that, although production is far too early to make final casting decisions as of yet, Harrelson is at the top of the filmmaker’s list for the role they have in mind.

Getty Images | Ben A. Pruchnie
Getty Images | Ben A. Pruchnie


Usually, I’m one of the first people to express excitement and confidence in the latest Star Wars project (you need only look at my thoughts on Disney’s latest cinematic experiment to know that). That being said…I think this entire movie is a terrible idea.


Star Wars is and always has been full of possibility and potential, and Rogue One just showed us what you could gain when you expand the universe rather than shrink it. What exactly do we have to gain by making an entire 2-hour movie about what Han Solo was doing when he was a teenager? Does anyone really care? Honestly ask yourself: Do you?


Or are you just so enamored with Harrison Ford’s performance as Han Solo that you think they should just milk this character for all he’s worth? Of all the stories they could explore (the ancient Old Republic era, the Jedi purge, Obi-Wan in hiding. Hell, I’ll even take a Boba Fett movie at this point), this is the best idea they could come up with? But the main reason I’m against this movie is that I can’t realistically picture anyone but Harrison Ford as Han Solo, and frankly, I don’t want to. What makes this character special is that he had his time to shine in the original films and it’s over now. His story is OVER.

Getty Images | Josh Brasted
Getty Images | Josh Brasted


However, I trust Woody Harrelson. He was great in True Detective and he hasn’t failed to entertain me since, so if his role is confirmed, it will give me some small ray of hope that this won’t be a waste of a good spinoff movie. A slim hope, but then again, this is Han Solo we’re talking about here, and he never pays attention to the odds, so for the time being, neither will I.

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