Barack Obama’s Kitesurfing Getaway: Best Twitter Reactions

(Youtube: Richard Branson)

Photos of former President Barack Obama have continued to hit the internet. This time he’s seen pretty much having the time of his life with his friend Richard Branson. Just look at him smiling from ear to ear:

There’s even video of him having a great time:

While we’re so happy he’s having an incredible vacation (which he deserves), a lot of us also can’t help but wish he’d come back already. I mean every time pictures of Obama hit the internet a lot of us are filled with mixed emotions. Emotions which are let out in the form of hilarious tweets.

Check out some of our favorite twitter reactions below:

Former VP Joe Biden was just innocently minding his own business…

This one really got to me:

He’s America’s Starboy and he just keeps on shining:

It’s safe to say everyone on Twitter collectively agrees, America is the salty ex:

Let’s not forget, the truth is he’s been by our side for 8 years and the man needed this break.

All I have to say is:

How does this not bring everyone absolute joy:


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