Beyoncé’s Maternity Shoot: “I Have Three Hearts”

performs onstage during TIDAL X: 1015 on October 15, 2016 in New York City.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy is all anyone’s been talking about. She took to social media to make her breathtaking announcement in a way that only she could. Surrounded by roses, covered by a veil, in only a bra and underwear. She seemed to be channeling the side of her that has an immense appreciation for legendary art.

We all collectively freaked out about the news, gave her likes that broke a record, congratulated her, and remained blown away by the beautiful image. Then today, Beyoncé dropped another huge surprise for all her fans; a maternity album/photo shoot entitled, “I have three hearts”.

Her entire shoot is featured on her site. The first image you’ll see will be this one, shared by her sister Solange:

She poses underwater and the images are stunning.

Look at the Queen ????????????#beyoncé #twinsbitch #shehadusallshook

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The site doesn’t just feature breathtaking images which tell a story, but is also accompanied by short poems. As you scroll down you’ll find yourself immersed in art. Art that is visibly inspired by art; thanks to the extremely talented and creative photographer, Awol Erizku.


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The images and lines from her poetry take an artistic nod to Roman mythological goddess, Venus. For those that don’t know, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. The last line, of the first poem on Beyoncé’s site reads, “mother, black venus”. In paintings Venus is often portrayed much like Beyoncé is in the above images, nude and covering herself with only her hands. She also frequently has long hair falling naturally on her body. The most well-known painting of Venus is Sandro Botticelli’s, ‘The Birth of Venus’:

There is also Titian’s, ‘Venus of Urbino’:

Other painters would also portray the goddess laying down surrounded by children. So of course, Blue Ivy had to be present.

Tão Lindas ???? Agora a Queen Bey vai ter mais duas Abelhinhas ???????????? #Blue #beyoncé #twins #carter

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The woman who told everyone that girls run the world praised queens, goddesses, deity’s, and her mother. She added small hints of appreciation for Egyptian queen, Nefertiti; and Yemoja, the African goddess of the ocean and the patron deity of pregnant women. The site continues by featuring images of her mother while she was pregnant, which are equally as beautiful.

We see images of her family, moments when she was pregnant with Blue, and more. To view the entire shoot head over to,

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