Casting Director James Scully Calls Out Model Mistreatment

Design houses haven’t been treating models as fairly as people thought

Saying someone should be a model seems like a compliment from the outside. Although, when it’s thought about, and when the truth is finally revealed, a model’s life can be utterly terrifying.

So true to my promise at #bofvoices that I would be a voice for any models, agents or all who see things wrong with this business I'm disappointed to come to Paris and hear that the usual suspects are up to the same tricks. I was very disturbed to hear from a number of girls this morning that yesterday at the Balenciaga casting Madia & Rami (serial abusers) held a casting in which they made over 150 girls wait in a stairwell told them they would have to stay over 3 hours to be seen and not to leave. In their usual fashion they shut the door went to lunch and turned off the lights, to the stairs leaving every girl with only the lights of their phones to see. Not only was this sadistic and cruel it was dangerous and left more than a few of the girls I spoke with traumatized. Most of the girls have asked to have their options for Balenciaga cancelled as well as Hermes and Ellie Saab who they also cast for because they refuse to be treated like animals. Balenciaga part of Kering it is a public company and these houses need to know what the people they hire are doing on their behalf before a well deserved law suit comes their way. On top of that I have heard from several agents, some of whom are black that they have received mandate from Lanvin that they do not want to be presented with women of color. And another big house is trying to sneak 15 year olds into paris! It's inconceivable to me that people have no regard for human decency or the lives and feelings of these girls, especially when too too many of these models are under the age of 18 and clearly not equipped to be here but god forbid well sacrifice anything or anyone for an exclusive right? If this behavior continues it's gonna be a long cold week in paris. Please keep sharing your stories with me and I will continue to to share them for you. It seems to be the only way we can force change and give the power back to you models and agents where it rightfully belongs. And I encourage any and all to share this post #watchthisspace

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James Scully, a casting director, made a post on Instagram explaining his disgust with the industry. The post starts with a scenario that recently occurred in Paris. People who casted the Balenciaga runway show left 150 models in a stairwell for three hours. The ones casting the models said if they wanted to be seen, then they would have to be patient and wait. Scully said it left a few girls traumatized.

The post mentions other examples. Lanvin has expressed that they do not want women of different ethnic backgrounds representing them. Another design house snuck in models at the age of 15 even when strongly discouraged. It is recommended that design houses take in models once they are 18.

In the post, Scully has made it his mission to expose other design houses that allow such behavior for perspective models and encourages more people within the industry to speak up and share their stories.

Many have already tried to regulate the system. The Model Alliance was formed for this reason among several others. The CFDA released health guidelines to follow during fashion week.

According to Fashionista, the representatives from each of the design houses mentioned have yet to make a comment in regard to the post.

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