Single On Valentines Day? Here’s What You Need To Do

How To Celebrate Valentines Day When You Are Single

Valentines Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. Everything seems to revolve around chocolates, roses, and hearts in February. Around this time of year, it seems everyone is in a relationship that is #goals, and these couples go out in public thriving in their love for each other while we single people are forced to watch in disgust.

For single people, Valentines Day is a complete nightmare. It’s the one day when we haul out old 80’s romance movies and drink our sorrows away with wine and not feel ashamed about it. Thankfully, this night of horror can be prevented. There is a way for single people to celebrate this holiday without drinking themselves into a stupor. Single individuals are able to take control of this deeply depressing day. These are just a few activities that we singles’ can preoccupy ourselves with on February 14.

1. Celebrating All Types Of Love Around You
Whether it’s family or friends, it’s still loving, caring relationships. Granted it’s not romantic love, but shouldn’t all types of love be celebrated? Throw a party, go out with friends, or visit your family; family and friends love you unconditionally, so celebrate that.

2. Find a Valentine
Finding yourself needing a date on Valentines Day? Then set up a first date with someone on the 14th. Nothing could be more romantic to first go out with someone on Valentines Day. There’s plenty of viable options out there, so go snag yourself the perfect date for the 14th.

3. Pamper Yourself
It’s Valentines Day, so it’s not uncommon to celebrate self-love. Treat yourself. Take yourself out to a movie, go out to eat, buy yourself a present, or head on over to the nail salon. Find different ways to pamper yourself to celebrate the love and respect you have for yourself.

4. Go Out With The Girls
Get all your single women together for a night out on the town. Have the ultimate ladies night. Hit up the clubs, visit the bars, and flirt with all the single, eligible men. Spend the night with ladies who truly understand your Valentines Day frustrations and make a night out of it!

5. Have A Movie Night
Invite some people over to have a movie night. Watch every sappy romance movie out there and laugh about it. A night with food, laughter, and friends is a night worth having.

To all the single people out there, don’t dread Valentines Day. Make a night out of it! The possibilities are endless. And if you still find yourself wanting to have a pity party on the 14th, well at least drink a bottle of wine so you don’t remember most of it the next day.

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