Gigi Hadid Now Has a Barbie Doll Look-Alike

They’re actually twins

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A Barbie doll finally looks like the celebrity it was meant to. Mattel released a new Barbie doll that looks exactly like model Gigi Hadid.

From blonde highlights to the Tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, there is no mistaking the supermodel. The company even designed the eyebrows perfectly.

Mattel has been under scrutiny for not making realistic Barbie dolls in the past. However, in the past couple of years, the company has been more careful. Last year, dolls were released with several different body types and looks and so many became a fan. By having the Hadid doll look exactly like the model and not reimagined to fit a certain look, the company has once again become successful with their customers.

The Hadid-inspired collaboration is not only with the supermodel but also to promote her second collection designed with Tommy Hilfiger, TommyXGigi. With modern and relatable designs, it fits the image of the Barbie doll and its consumer base.

The second show is happening today in L.A.

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