Is Donald Trump Obsessed With Kristen Stewart?

Watch Kristen Stewart’s hilarious SNL monologue!

Photo by NBC

Kristen Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and revealed some…interesting secrets about our new President.

The edgy actress came out on stage rocking an all black ensemble, with a sheer mesh dress and pointed stilettos.

“I’m here to promote my movie Twilight, which this week has been on iTunes for 8 years,” she begins, getting a huge cheer from the audience.

Speaking of Twilight, Stewart then goes on to mention her past relationship with co-start Robert Pattinson, which, as most remember, had a bit of a rocky ending.

But it wasn’t the details of their romance that had audience members in stitches, but the very real commentary by Donald Trump.

“I know what you’re thinking. That’s so crazy, the President tweeted about you once. No, the President tweeted about me eleven times,” she reveals.

It seems Mr. Trump was heavily involved in Stewart and Pattinson’s love lives.

Here are some of his ACTUAL tweets about the matter.

But wait, there’s more!

Just in case you weren’t sure how Donald feels about KStew, here’s another one.

“To be fair, I don’t think Donald Trump hated me,” Kristen says, “I think he’s in love with my boyfriend.”

She then goes on to share this tweet, in which Trump extends an open invitation to Pattinson to attend the Miss Universe Pageant in 2012.

Kristen finished off her monologue with a brilliantly unscripted f-bomb, immediately placing a hand over her mouth in shock. It only made the audience love here more.

Watch the full monologue below!


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