Karl Lagerfeld: Vienna Opera Ball Tiara

The Vienne Opera Ball Tiara Was Designed By Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld sold the sketch for the beautiful Vienna Opera Ball Tiara on Tuesday. The sketch was sold at an auction in Vienna, with all proceeds going to charity. The design sold for 13,000 euros, about $13,650, at the Dorotheum auction house at the Hotel Sacher. For a tiara design sketched on tracing paper, drawn in pastel, grease pencils and Tipp-Ex, the worth was quite significant. Caritas & Du, the charity that received the donated proceeds, expressed its thanks for the financial aid will provide international help and emergency aid to homeless communities.

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The Vienna Opera Ball, held on February 23, appreciated Lagerfeld’s focus that he implemented into each tiara. With each debutante wearing Lagerfeld designed custom tiaras, the beauty of each woman was impeccable. Lagerfeld chose a color scheme of blue and white gold, a theme that correlated between the many headpieces. Each tiara was accented with diamond and sapphire signature crystals, produced by Swarovski. The jewelry was an intricate work of art. The Vienna Opera Ball was a success with the help Lagerfeld’s gorgeous, one of a kind tiaras.



Lagerfeld has had many past event successes including his wonderfully designed costumes at the Opéra Bastille for the “Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet.” The designer drew inquiries from the Vienna Secession art movement and then proceeded to create carefully constructed masterpieces as a final product. Lagerfeld continues to prove again and again as an inspirational designer that can truly turn any human into an unforgettable piece of artwork.

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