Kendall Jenner Shares Why She Blocks Out Family at Fashion Shows

The model shares that her mom and sisters’ presence distracts her while she works

It’s no secret that Kendall Jenner prefers not to have any family attend the fashion shows that she walks in. In 2015, the model made news as reports surfaced that she blocked her family from attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It may not sound like a big deal, but walking as a Victoria’s Secret Angel was a lifelong dream of Kendall’s, so naturally her family wanted to be front row center as she walked her first show with wings.

Though the dispute was solved and she allowed just her parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner to attend, Kendall still stands by her preference to work outside of the presence of family members. Now the model is finally opening up as to why this was so important to her, and the reason might surprise you! Turns out, her family takes her out of her catwalk “zone.”

Check out the clip below of Kendall explaining her perspective on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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