Lauren Graham: Returning To Television In New Comedy Show

Lauren Graham Is Going To Play A Leading Role In New Comedy Show ‘Linda From HR’

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Lauren Graham, our favorite Gilmore Girls and Parenthood star, is rejoining the world of television. Graham snatched up the leading role in Fox television’s new comedy show, Linda From HR. The Gilmore Girls star has played bizarre characters in the past, but she’s about to play yet another one who thrives on quick wit, sarcasm and a whole lot of drama.

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The new comedy show revolves around the life of leading character, Linda Plugh. Plugh is an HR employee who’s life seems to be in shambles after one bad decision that seemingly starts to affect every aspect of her life: home, work, and relationships. Trying to juggle all these inconsistencies to try and maintain balance within her life, Linda Plugh spends most of the sitcom series trying to handle life’s curveballs. The show is split up into two parts, part family comedy, and part Mr. Robot.

There has been expressed concern regarding the Mr. Robot character revealed at the end of the series summary, but future viewers are hoping that Graham will be able to pull off whatever that part of the series may entail. Let’s face it, we don’t want another TV show that flops and lasts only for a season. So hopefully, Graham’s character will make this avoidable.


There’s still no word as to when Linda From HR will officially air, but viewers stay tuned because I have a feeling that it won’t be too far away.

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