New Artist Love Mansuy Releases His First Single And We All Love It

The Single “Sun Valley” Takes Listeners On A Melodic Journey

Love Mansuy captures the magic of a smooth sound that has been mixed with meaningful lyrics that will strike the chord of any music lovers heart. The single starts off with a modern-jazz style rhythm blended with soothing vocals that transports the listener to a place of lush vibes and introspective thought.

Throughout the song Love sings about missed connections, and the intention to find what he has lost with his own vices. He sings “I think I missed the exit sign…” which further drives the point that he himself missed the opportunity, but has every intention to find his way back Tarzana.

Love shows off his songwriter abilities with the debut track, and it does not disappoint. The words flow naturally together, and create a tune that you will find yourself humming to after your first listen. The song makes the listener want to take that drive down the 405, and find that missing piece.

This is the the debut single from the new artist, and now we can only wonder what will come next from Love Mansuy.

Check out the single “Sun Valley” below:

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