Sofia Richie is Sexy and Stunning in Tommy Hilfiger Campaign

The young model turns up the heat by the pool and in the sun for the All-American designer

Tommy Hilfiger is turning their label upside down and rebranding in order to stay relevant to the new image of the All-American boy and girl. The new Tommy Girl is edgy, cool, effortless, and even a little bit of a badass. With this in mind, who better to model for their campaign than the gorgeous, Sofia Richie. The young model has been quietly drawing attention in the press with her edgy style, numerous tattoos, and ambiguous relationship status with singer Justin Bieber.


The selection of Sofia Richie to star in the Tommy Hilfiger campaign is the beginning of a new, more socially aware, and more accurate representation of the everyday individual. Richie is the perfect embodiment of confidence, independence, and strength that younger girls need to see in the media.


Not to mention, Richie has struggled with discrimination growing up as she is biracial. The starlet has reported that though she is black, most people will still make racist remarks in front of her because they do not perceive her as so, due to her light skin tone. Hilfiger’s choice of a more relatable model who has faced similar struggles to other and the struggles of people of color shows a more heightened awareness of the social climate that they previously have not.



Richie is gorgeous in the Hilfiger campaign, modeling the label’s new, updated line with effortless ease and just the right amount of subtle sexiness. Her natural looks are shown off as she sports a minimal makeup look and loose wavy hair.


The clothes modeled by Richie in the campaign show clear nods to the 90’s and early 2000s. Tube socks, mid-thigh denim skirts, and knit sleeveless tops take us back to the simple looks of the late 90’s. Other accents are clear throwbacks to the more recent head scratching styles of the beginning 2000s. Who knew Tommy Hilfiger could make crystal chain belts, nameplate belts, chunky sneakers, and racing stripes look so good?


Fans are excited to see more from Tommy Hilfiger’s updated line, and are clamoring to get pieces from the collection. After all, Richie makes everything so good, how could you not want it?

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