The Key Fashion Advice Steven Tyler Gave to His Daughter

Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea shares the empowering wisdom her father shared with her

After confidently  walking the runway for German designer Philipp Plein’s over the top NYFW show, Chelsea Tyler has shared one of the most important pieces of fashion advice that she has ever received. Though her mother is a respected clothing designer, the model actually recieved the words of wisdom from her father, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.


Discussing how her father helped her connect her fashion with her personality, Chelsea shared that like most parents, he saw her go through a number of crazy fashion phases. However, unlike most parents, Tyler did not try to tame her or “teach” her how to dress. Instead, the rock icon encouraged her.

“I was wearing a million different things, trying to be something that I wasn’t, and it ended up making me less confident. One of the best things that [my father] ever told me when I was a teenager — I went through a couple of crazy phases, like a moment of being a goth and, then, a prep — was that it really doesn’t matter what you wear, so long as you wear it with confidence.”

Tyler’s words stuck with his daughter and made a lasting impact and empowered her as she built up her modeling career and began to walk in fashion shows and star in photoshoots. Chelsea is now paying tribute to her rockstar father in a Gap campaign featuring children of stars who lent their faces to the brand in the 1990s. Check out Steven Tyler’s Gap ad from 1999 below!

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