Tom Hanks To Debut First Book

The ‘Forrest Gump’ (1994) actor has a book in the works, and it is comprised of 17 short stories all centered around typewriters.

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Best known for his extensive filmography and iconic roles in instant-classics like Forrest Gump (1994) and The Green Mile (1999), Tom Hanks is a versatile artist that has definitely proven he can do it all. However, on Tuesday, February 21st, he took fans by surprise when he announced his next creative project: a short story book. What is even more surprising is the subject matter, as the entire book is centered around narratives that focus on typewriters.

Hitting the road with this Corona Zephyr. Gonna bang out some prose! Hanx

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Hanks is a noted collector and has over 50 devices, which he says he uses to write letters. He frequently posts on his various social media outlets about his obsession with them, and once even sent a fan a typewriter as a gift. Hanks also has an app out called Hanx Writer, which allows users to turn their iPad devices into vintage typewriters. It is clear that this project has been a labor of love for Hanks, as he revealed in a statement that he has been working on it for years:

“In the two years of working on the stories, I made movies in New York, Berlin, Budapest, and Atlanta and wrote in all of them. I wrote in hotels during press tours. I wrote on vacation. I wrote on planes, at home, and in the office. When I could actually make a schedule, and keep to it, I wrote in the mornings from nine to one.”

What's London without a cup of Rosie and a smith-corona Sterling? Hanx

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The book will be called Uncommon Type: Some Stories, and Hanks has already released some details on a few of his characters. Apparently, the story will feature “a man immigrating to New York City after fleeing a civil war in his country; a person who becomes an ESPN star after bowling a string of perfect games; a billionaire and his assistant on a ‘hunt for something larger’; and an actor enduring a life of press junkets.”

The book, which is being published by Alfred A. Knopf, will be released on October 24th of this upcoming year.

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