Valentina Sampaio Makes History On The Cover Of French Vogue

Valentina Sampaio Is The First Transgender Model To Graze The Cover Of French Vogue

The beautiful Brazillian model, Valentina Sampaio, made history by becoming the first transgender cover model of Vogue Paris. Vogue Paris selected Sampaio to be the March 2017 featured model for the issue. The title of the cover reads “La beauté transgenre: Comment elles bouleversent le monde,” in French. When translated to English the tagline reads, “Transgender beauty: How they’re turning the world upside down.” Sampaio looks absolutely stunning in a gold lamé gown with a plunging neckline accessorized with one dangled earring, and complete with gorgeous flowing waved hair that any woman would kill for.

The world became aware of Sampaio when she became an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris. Since then, the model has had her claim to fame. Just last fall, Sampaio appeared on the cover of Elle Brazil. With her rising success, we only hope to see more from Sampaio in the future.

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Vogue Paris is very excited about their new addition. This magazine issue is a much-needed step up from American Vogue’s most recent issue that tried to incorporate diversity and promote all body types. The issue had potential and a positive direction but was torn apart by the internet. People claimed that plus size model, Ashley Graham, was singled out due to being the only model sized bigger than a two. There was also criticism concerning the placement of some of the model’s hands suggesting that some of the model’s hands were placed in specific positions to hide supposed “body fat.” The entirety of the issue was greatly criticized due to these factors.

With Vogue Paris’ new magazine release, it brings clarity to the true meaning of diversity. It is incredible to be able to experience history being made within the modeling industry. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

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