Watch: Ariana Grande’s Grandma Looks Shocked At Her Concert

The singer’s ‘Nonna’ got a front row seat and looks taken aback during her show

Just this past Saturday night, Ariana Grande’s Grandma attended the Las Vegas stop on her granddaughter’s Dangerous Woman Tour. Sitting in a front row seat with her grandson, Frankie Grande, Ariana’s ‘Nonna’ seemed to be alternating between feelings of shock and boredom. As Grande’s brother Frankie jumped up and down with enthusiasm, Nonna Grande rested her chin in hand and looked unamused as she leaned on the stage in the front row. In another instance when Ariana, clad in a bra and high wasted panty look, dropped the F-bomb in a song, her Nonna’s seemed startled as her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth with both hands.

It seems unfathomable that Ariana Grande’s grandmother would be shocked at the content of one of her concerts. The singer always proudly claims to have a deep, close relationship with her Nonna. Naturally, this would lead one to assume Nonna Grande would undoubtedly be listening to her granddaughter’s albums and cheering her along the way.

The starlet doesn’t stop at racy lyrics either, as she has also made a habit of performing in bras, miniskirts and other sexy outfits over the years. Her saucy snapchats with boyfriends are no secret either, as well as her very public relationships and breakups. Remember when her ex Big Sean rapped about her “billion-dollar pu**y?”

Nonna Grande was definitely shocked by something, but maybe we should just chalk it up to having a very old school Italian grandma, who will always worry and remind her grandchildren to “cover up!” Check out Nonna Grande’s cute reaction in the video below and see what you think.

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