What Movies to Watch in March: Must-See

Maybe they’ll top this year’s Oscar winners

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After watching the Academy Awards, avid movie-viewers look forward to see what’s next. 2017 has already had a good start in the movie industry, and the rest of the year seems to be just as exciting. Taking a look at the month ahead, here are the top movies to go watch during the month of March.

Before I Fall

This is a movie that captures a girl’s life challenges in a day that continues to repeat. Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch) is a girl that thinks she has the perfect life. Nothing seems to be out of place and it’s almost like nothing should ever change. Although it’s not until a “perfect” day turns into a nightmare when it continues to repeat itself. It is now Kingston’s job to figure out the truth and to see more to the life she’s living before the repeating time runs out.

How will you be remembered? Check out the all new clip from #BeforeIFall. In theaters March 3!

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Beauty and the Beast  

A highly anticipated Disney movie remake is finally set to be released this month. Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairytale that is now upgraded with new technology and talent within the film. Belle (Emma Watson) is a girl that sees the beauty in everyone, even a brooding beast (Dan Stevens) locked away in his castle.   When the two come together, literal magic is seen between the two are simply meant to be.

On March 17, enter a world of enchantment. ???? Click the link in the description box to get tickets. #BeOurGuest

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Ghost in the Shell

A cyborg policewoman (Scarlett Johansson) is programmed to take on violent criminals. However, an enemy appears with a mission to wipe out the creator’s major advancements in cyber technology. This is an action-packed movie filled with innovative and heart-felt thrills.



Action and comedy collide when Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) and Frank “Ponch” Poncherello (Michael Pena) join together in the California Highway Patrol. These two characters are quite the opposite of each other, which can cause quite the drama. Baker is a pro motorbiker striving to save his marriage. Poncherello is a self-assured agent investigating a multi–million-dollar theft. Although, even though they have conflicting personalities, their different talents might work well together.

The trailer for #Chips is here! Link to full trailer in bio. #ChipHappens, in theaters March 24.

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The Zookeeper’s Wife

This is a real-life story set during World War II. The couple Antonina Zabinksi (Jessica Chastain) and Dr. Jan Zabinski (Johan Heldenbergh) take matters into their own hands when their hometown, including their zoo, is invaded by the Nazis. The couple join the resistance and put themselves and their children at risk while doing so. Take in the raw emotion portrayed on the big screen as the couple save hundreds.


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