What’s with Gigi Hadid Hand on Vogue Cover

Vogue has updated their cover photo on Facebook featuring models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Liu Wen and Ashley Graham holding each other at the beach, wearing turtlenecks and skimpy shorts.

The fans of the brand are not impressed with the fact that Ashley put her hand on her leg to make her leg appear slimmer as the other girls’.

UPDATE: In a recent interview Ashley said that: ‘I chose to pose like that… no one told me to do anything.’

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Ajla Hadzic wrote:

“It looks like Ashley is covering her leg so it looks the same as the other girls ????

Another thing that the readers of the magazine pointed out was Gigi Hadid’s hand, where it looks like her hand was photoshopped, appearing too long and too thin.

“What’s wrong with Gigi’s hand ????, wrote Kacper Krajewski

“It fits around two ppl lmao”, said Ayesha Rasool

“Ah they never learn”, said Beti Tserovska.

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