Amazon Is Releasing Multiple Episode Pilots On March 17

The streaming service, Amazon, Is Releasing Pilots On March 17

Lately, there have been many streaming services surfacing. Franchises such as Amazon and Google are jumping onto the Netflix and Hulu bandwagon. Sorry, cable television, you’ve had your run. On March 17, it was released that Amazon will be streaming a series of pilot episodes to kick start a possible Amazon Original Series. Again, Amazon is jumping on the Netflix bandwagon. Netflix Originals were created first Amazon!

An Amazon.Com Inc. Prime Video logo sits on display on the Sony Corp. stand on the second day of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017. A theme this year at the industry's annual get-together, which runs through March 2, is the Internet of Things. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Below are short summaries of each of the pilot episodes being released on Amazon on March 17th:

1. The New V.I.P’s

The New V.I.P’s is an Amazon adult animated comedy series featuring the voice talents of Matt Braunger, Ben Schwartz, Missi Pyle, and Jonathan Adams. The creator of the show, Steve Dildarian, has the show focused around a group of employees who mistakenly murder the boss of their company. The low-level workers then proceed to take over the corporation as the new VIPs.

2. Oasis

Oasis stars ex-Game of Thrones actor, Richard Madden, as he transitions into a space captain sent to planet Oasis to complete his mission. The show revolves around the life of an English pastor forced to leave his wife to become a missionary to travel to what he thinks is a new country. Instead, the confused missionary is sent to a colonised planet in which he must complete his assignment. The series is based on the science fiction novel, “The Book of Strange New Things,” by Michel Faber. Directed by Kevin McDonald, and written by Matt Charman, the series is sure to be impeccable. The talent of Anil Kapoor, Mark Addy, Haley Joel Osment, Michael Shaw, Ante Traue, Maureen Sebastian, Michael Shaffer, and Zawe Ashton, will also be showcased within the drama as well.

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3. The Legend of Master Legend

The Legend of Master Legend is a classic superhero story, or is it? Executive producers, Noah Harvester and Micah Fitzerman-Blue created a homemade superhero, Master Legend, who has an alter ego, a family oriented man who receives no respect at home, Frank Lafount. John Hawkes stars as Master Legend, whose goal is to protect the never sleeping city of Las Vegas from evil.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This series takes place in 1958 Manhattan starring Rachel Brosnahan as leading character, Miriam “Midge” Maisel, the perfect representation of an upper-class housewife and mother who discovers she has a knack for stand-up comedy. Starring Tony Shalhoub, Alex Borstein, Michael Zegan, and Marin Hinkle, the series takes Miriam Maisel down a career path toward success as she finds herself at Greenwich Village nightclubs which eventually leads her to guest star on The Tonight Show. The show is written by ex-Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, who never fails to entice audiences with her artistry.


5. Budding Prospects

Creator, Terry Zwigoff, built a reality set in 1983 that revolves around three men from San Francisco who’s goal is have a successful marijuana business in Mendocino. Starring actors Adam Rose, Joel David Moore, and Will Sasso, the trio arrive in Mendocino at a run-down “Summer Camp” that turns out to be infested with vermin. Trying to start their business while attempting to befriend the local law enforcement, neither is welcoming.

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