“Cash Me Ousside” Girl, Danielle Bregoli, Might Have A Reality TV Show

Danielle Bregoli Heads To Hollywood To Meet With Reality Show Producers

If you thought Keeping Up With The Kardashians was the most dramatic reality TV show airing, can you imagine if Danielle Bregoli had her own reality television show? Danielle Bregoli, America’s scariest teenager, is heading to Hollywood on Wednesday to meet with production companies in the hopes of snagging her own reality show. Anyone else concerned with this?

cash me out side

Ever since the young teenager’s appearance on the hit psychology talk show, Dr. Phil, the internet has exploded enabling Bregoli to become the “Cash Me Ousside” girl. With internet fame that should’ve only lasted a few weeks, Bregoli seems to be making the most of her claim to fame by causing public disturbances, bashing other celebrities on radio talk shows and degrading famous public figures such as Kylie Jenner, and Dr. Phil himself, the very man who attempted to help the out of control teen.

Bregoli’s managers have released that seven reality show producers so far have reached out to Bregoli in hopes of scheduling meetings throughout upcoming weeks. Four of these production companies are specifically interested in producing reality shows starring Bregoli and her mother. The other three producers are aiming towards a scripted TV series which would involve both parties to memorize scripts per episode. With Bregoli’s past record of blow ups, involvement in illegal activities, and emotional rollercoasters, it’s questionable as to whether or not the 13-year-old can handle that and not jeopardize the series.

The teen has received offers that aren’t exactly positive as well. The star holds a negative image with many celebs, public figures and viewers in general. Bregoli cannot go anywhere without her bodyguards that her managers and mother hired since the teen has received death threats, summons to fight, and invitations to show up at bars in return for large sums of money – keep in mind Bregoli is still a 13-year-old teenage girl.

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Due to all the negativity, Bregoli’s mother revealed that the mother-daughter duo will likely move to Hollywood during filming since Bregoli has gotten into quite a bit of trouble while in Florida. I can only imagine what Bregoli will receive attention for next.


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