Chance the Rapper Holding Press Conference

After meeting with the governor of Illinois last week, Chance the Rapper has decided to continue bringing awareness to the issues in Chicago’s public school system.

On March 3rd, Chance the Rapper met with Illinois governor Bruce Rauner in order to discuss “important issues affecting the state,” specifically citing problems in the public education system. He kept fans updated on his Twitter (@chancetherapper), and was hopeful despite initial setbacks caused by the weather.

However, he left the meeting feeling “just a little bit frustrated” due to the fact that the governor gave him “a lot of vague answers.” In a press video taken directly after Chance left the meeting, the rapper said that “it went a little different than it should have.”

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the meeting only lasted about half an hour. Chance’s intention was to specifically target Gov. Rauner’s decision to veto a bill that would have drastically eased the Chicago Public School’s pension burden. A product of Chicago himself, Chance is extremely invested in this issue and has made it his mission to use his platform to try to find a solution. He told the press, “I’m not a politician… I’m here ’cause I’m a dad.”

The Sun-Times also reported that Gov. Rauner is prepared to keep collaborating with Chance the Rapper, as he was quoted saying:

“He requested the meeting and I respect that. I try to meet with everybody that I can. I believe from everything that I’ve read about him and everything I’ve learned about him, and I saw it today, I believe he has a passion to have a better future for disadvantaged young people… Having a dialogue with someone who is passionate about a better future for the young people of Chicago and Illinois, I’m with him 100 percent. We may not agree with each other on everything. That’s OK.”

He channeled his initial disappointment with the meeting into motivation to keep pushing forward, and about an hour after his meeting tweeted that the meeting was not a loss:

It seems that this plan is coming to fruition, as he announced that he will be holding a press conference today at 2 p.m. Central time. The press conference will be located at Westcott Elementary School at 409 W. 80th St. in Chicago, and will also be live-streamed on his Instagram account (@chancetherapper). The subject matter has not yet been explicitly stated, but it is implied that this press conference is the follow-up the Chance promised regarding education in Chicago.

UPDATE: During the press conference, Chance the Rapper donated a million dollars to Chicago public schools. He said that the money is coming from ticket sales received for his upcoming tour. In addition, he announced that his non-profit Social Works will be donating $10,000 from every $100,000 it earns to a specific Chicago public school, starting with Westcott Elementary School.

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