Chrissy Teigen On Sex Life With John Legend: Twitter

She skipped slidin’ in his DMs

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We all know Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to be real life “relationship goals.” The two are constantly taking to social media to display their affection for each other and Twitter trolls go crazy over this. Teigen has literally one-upped the haters that troll her page by actually becoming a troll herself, starting by compulsively tweeting her husband!

After Legend shared a tweet about his adoration for his stunning super-model wife, she replied with a tweet a little more “straight to the point.”

After Teigen’s followers went wild, she redeemed herself by replying straight to her last tweet just minutes later.

While Teigen may seem like a super crazed fan girl, we love her because she actually sounds exactly like the majority of us celebrity-obsessed Twitter girls. Teigen continued her rant by tweeting at Legend a few more times before finally giving it up.

Despite their childish way of online flirting, Chrissy and John are actually raising a child themselves, and seem to be doing a pretty amazing job. Luna Legend is showcased all over Teigen’s Instagram in adorable outfits, on tropical vacations, and even speaking some of her first words.

After Teigen shared with the world her battle with postpartum depression, Legend spoke to Vanity Fair and was quoted saying, “I am so proud of her for writing about her struggles and letting people know about it.”

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After going through the famous couple’s social media accounts, how could you not want a relationship just like theirs?!

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