Emma Roberts Finally Starts Her Own Book Club

The Scream Queen’s star has taken her talents to the books

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Throughout the years of Emma Robert’s social media accounts, she has constantly shared with the world her favorite reads of the month captioning them with the hashtag #CurrentlyReading. It’s basically common knowledge to scroll through Robert’s Instagram when looking for a new book before heading to Barnes & Noble.

Roberts has finally teamed up with life-long friend Karah Preiss, and created their book club, “Belletrist.” Belletrist finally gives fans a new take on reading, offering one book a month and exclusive interviews with Emma and the author’s of the books themselves.

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Roberts has always been an avid reader and wants to be able to share the gift of books with millennials globally. In her interview with TeenVogue, Roberts was quoted saying, “I keep hearing and reading this really disturbing commentary about how my generation doesn’t read books, and I just can’t believe that to be true.” Hopefully the Belletrist book club is finally able to change the outlook other generation’s have of the millennial’s reading habits.

With celeb bestie’s and top models like Suki Waterhouse adding to the names of fellow #Belletristbabes, the word is sure to spread near and far.

With a new Instagram account, and an official website, Belletrist is likely to be a huge hit and the Scream Queen’s star will be able to prove herself right.

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