Frozen’s Original Ending Will Leave You Floored

The Original Ending for the Disney Hit Isn’t What Anyone Expected

Frozen has become the top grossing animated film ever bringing in over 1.27 billion dollars, which goes to show a great story filled with magic can make big bucks. Peter Del Vecho, the producer of the film, recently shared that the ending we all know and love was not how the film was going to end originally.

Many fans of Disney have grown accustomed to the hero’s journey and defeating the hardships they were faced with, but Frozen’s story was a bit different. Firstly, the villain was not as clear for the entire movie. Secondly, the main focus of the movie was not centered around traditional love, but the love between sisters. These two major factors played a major part in the films’ success, but in the original version these two factors were not even touched on.

Originally Elsa was the evil Snow Queen from the very beginning, and her and Anna were not even sisters. Elsa originally was set to wage war against Arendelle with her army of snow monsters, and Hans was going to unleash an avalanche to destroy the kingdom. Ultimately Anna would convince the Snow Queen to save Arendelle and prove that she was not the threat that had been prophesized. The people behind the story felt that having the antagonist be so upfront with her intentions was a bit been there, done that. The switch from Elsa being drawn as the stereotypical villain to the troubled sister with good intentions made for a more compelling story.

In conclusion it is clear that the story struck viewers as a heart-wrenching tale that showed the strength in the bond between sisters. It also proved that villains are not so one0dimensional and that a range of emotions can be displayed from the “antagonist.”

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