“New Girl” Finally Gives Schmidt A First Name

After 130 episodes, co-star Max Greenfield’s character’s first name is revealed.

Everyone who watches New Girl automatically falls in love with the spunky, flirty, confident, Schmidt. Despite his shirt-less tendencies and the many women he swears he truly loves, Schmidt is hard not to love. After spending almost six full seasons getting to know the character we felt like we knew everything about him until realizing… did we ever find out his first name?! Not until now!

Конiл куй калай?????

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The New Girl and American Horror Story: Hotel star, was so excited to release to his fan’s his long-time characters actual name: Winston Schmidt.

On the episode, their other roommate the “original” Winston was upset when Schmidt’s real name came out, saying that the two made a pact years ago that one would be called by their last name for the rest of their friendship. Despite Winston’s disappointment, Schmidt’s fans can finally say they know all about their fav character.


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New episodes of New Girl end every Tuesday on Fox.


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