Sophia Amoruso: New Book, Netflix Show, and Company

Not just your regular boss, but your #GirlBoss

Sophia Amoruso is known for literally taking the world by storm, the ultimate success story. Amoruso is literally a fighter when things get tough and the creator of a whole new business idea after she experienced some hardships in her last. Born in San Diego, California, Amoruso knew struggle better than any. She really fought for her creative ideas even when she was basically homeless and stealing vintage clothes in order to sell them on her fast-growing Amazon account.

She lives. #nastywoman

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When NastyGal was born, it made the fashion world it’s own. Starting from selling amazing vintage pieces it worked it’s way up to become one of the best-selling online clothing websites known for its trendy, unique image.

After Donald Trump titled Hilary Clinton as a “Nasty Woman,” the site soon took a political turn and Amoruso was not afraid to state her amazing feminist approach to not only the fashion world, but the nation.

This beast drops tomorrow from outer space to your doorstep. @nastygalaxy image via @cloth_and_paper

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After two national best-selling books, “#Girlboss,” and “Nasty Galaxy,” it seemed Amoruso was on an unstoppable roll. It was a shock when NastyGal declared bankruptcy and was bought by another clothing site,, for $20 million. While Amoruso could have easily let this ruin her career, she built upon it. Soon Amoruso was #Girlboss all the time, taking her book title and making it to a company of it’s own.

#Girlboss not only promotes equal rights for women, but motivates women to be the best possible version of themselves. After hosting a #Girlboss rally in California that sold thousands of tickets, Amoruso promises that is only the beginning for the company. With a brand new Netflix show, Girlboss, airing on April 21, and a third book, The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life, in the works, the fashion goddess is clearly working on bigger and better.

So sad to leave this place but excited to return to build things with team @girlboss ????‍????

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With confident, inspiring posts constantly uploading to Amoruso’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, it’s no wonder she’s a fan favorite. Amoruso is the perfect example to keep pushing and you can achieve all you’ve ever aspired for.


Written by Angelica Manos

Junior @ Rutgers University.
Lover of writing, fashion, NYC, & cheap wine.

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