Hit Movie, ‘Boss Baby,’ Takes The Top Spot

‘Boss Baby’ is Enjoying it’s View From the Top as it Beats out ‘Beauty and the Beast’

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The new hit movie, Boss Baby, has accumulated over $49 million in 3,773 different locations. What does this mean for the new animated comedy? DreamWorks Animation has beaten out Disney, taking the top spot once housed to box office hit, Beauty and the Beast. 

The plotline centers around a suit wearing, power tripping, know it all baby who is the new addition of the Templeton family. Once an only child, now older brother Tim Templeton, is not fond of his new family member. Told from Tim’s perspective, Tim relays the story to the audience of his adventures with his baby brother. Upon the arrival of the baby, there becomes an instant rivalry between the brothers. Eventually, Tim discovers that his little brother is actually Boss Baby, a baby with adultlike qualities who is undercover on a secret mission to end the battle between babies and puppies.


Boss Baby, voiced by infamous actor Alec Baldwin, perfectly demonstrates the true meaning of out with the old and in with the new. Yes, we loved Beauty and the Beast, but audiences are ready for the next big hit. If you haven’t experienced the satirical comedy of Boss Baby, then you need to hit up your local theater now to experience one of DreamWorks’ most hysterical animated creations to ever hit the big screen.

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