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You remember The Avengers, right? Ever wondered what that movie would’ve been like if Marvel had slapped a fresh coat of dark and gritty paint on it? Well, you’ll only have to wait 8 months to find out! Justice League, the next installment of the DC Extended Universe, has just dropped it’s first full length trailer, and it looks pretty good.

By this point, we’ve all seen the divisive reception for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. For the former, a lot of people didn’t appreciate the dark, brooding tone and Batman going on a killing spree (to be fair, they were the BAD GUYS). But most of all, they didn’t appreciate the lack of humor, and BvS, admittedly, could have used a little more of that.

This new trailer, however, shows hints that WB may have learned their lesson on that front. The interactions between Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), aka the Flash could provide the bulk of the levity to the picture, judging from the trailer. One notable standout is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Other than a timely update of an often ridiculed character, Momoa also provides a devil-may-care attitude that should be entertaining to watch.

All things considered, it looks like Warner Brothers are finding a healthy balance between their traditional dark and serious tone, and the appropriate amount of levity and hope. But they need to be careful not to imitate Marvel and go full on superhero comedy hour. The MCU and the DCEU should remain different and distinct in the tone of their cinematic universes, for all our sakes.The last thing we need right now is yet another endless superhero franchise that, while good in it’s own right, has consistent issues with weak villains and an overabundance of jokes to compensate for a lack of dramatic tension. I guess we’ll all find out soon enough if we’ve got another Avengers sized hit on our hands.


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