The Fruit Loops Milkshake is a Thing?

Burger King Releases Their Next Big Thing, The Fruit Loops Milkshake

I’ve always thought Burger King was the off brand McDonalds. Burger King, in my opinion, doesn’t really have anything that screams, “amazing” persay. Thankfully the multimillion dollar foodchain has come up with a frozen treat that just might beat out the classic Oreo Mcflurry. A flashback to most people’s favorite childhood ceral, Fruit Loops, is now available as a milkshake and is going to be served at Burger King restaurants near you!


The frozen fruity shake will be offically be served on April 17, but will only be a limited edition item so buy them while you can. The Fruit Loop milkshake will cost about three dollars. Vanilla soft serve icecream, “sweet sauce,” whipped cream, and chuncks of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, are all mixed together to create the ultimate dessert.


Burger King as released seasonal drinks in the past such as gingerbread, Oreo mint, red velvet Oreo, and pumpkin spice Oreo shakes. So this coloruful creation was brought into light due to the immpending springtime atmosphere. Interestingly, people are speculating that the Fruit Loop milkshake became a thing because of the unicorn food craze that has become immensily popular over the past few months. The modernized funfetti has become an internet craze resulting in food items such as unicron toast and unicorn bark.

It's only fitting to try the Oreo Mint Shake today. #StPatricksDay

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Either way, a unicorn inspiresd dessert or not, the Fruit Loop milkshake as become a phenoma that everyone is dying the try. On April 17, I think I will take a trip to Burger King because I think that the foodchain has created something that will finally beat out McDonalds. I’d drink a Fruit Loop milkshake over an Oreo McFlurry anyday.

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