Is Kendall Jenner’s New Pepsi Ad Too Controversial?

The super-model’s ad is being called “too democratic.”

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Kendall Jenner is the new face of the “woke” Pepsi ad, bringing attention to the protests around the nation. It’s no surprise that Jenner is starring in a more “democratic” ad, as she was blatantly protesting Trump before he was elected, so why is this coming as a shock to the masses?

While first disguised in a blonde wig, Jenner soon rips it off and joins the crowd of people who are supposed to be representing the constant protests going on among the nation over different controversial and important topics that don’t seem to be as important to the President himself. The commercial is seemingly leaning toward a “peace is the answer,” sort of protest, so why the big uproar? Why should this peaceful commercial that is asking viewers to  “take a stance,” and “get involved,” be depicted in a negative light?

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Rather than fans agreeing that these movements are important and taking a stance, people were angry that the famous Jenner is using her audience to support things such as activism and liberalism.

Interestingly enough, fans are annoyed when celebs don’t get “involved enough” in important matters, but when they do use their powers for good they’re told to “stick to what they’re good at.”

It seems that no matter who speaks on the current issues in our nation, there is always going to be a divide or harsh criticism. All we can do is thank people like Jenner who decide to speak out on modern events that she is passionate about and that are affecting us all.

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