Jessie Stride: Hairdresser With Stutter Auditioned for the X Factor

A twenty year old hairdresser who struggled with a stutter throughout her life, released a video of her original song after she auditioned for the X Factor.

A twenty year old hairdresser that auditioned for the X factor and talks about her struggling with having a stutter throughout her entire life.

Jessie Stride went to music as an escape for the troubles she dealt with from her stammering, such as bullying that started at just eight years old.

“Whenever I stammered, I felt like a piece of me would leave me, break away. But when I sang, I felt really in control and free. Like I was expressing myself exactly how I wanted to.”

Stride was continuously bullied by other students during her youth that eventually she had to switch schools.

Stride recounts one of the numerous times she was teased in school. “Aged 12, I remember a group of 20 people surrounded me and were teasing me about my voice. I was trying to shout, “help”, but couldn’t get the words out. It got so bad, to the point that I didn’t want to go to school because I couldn’t stand up for myself.”

Jessie admitted that other friends would have to speak for her in order to camouflage her stammer. What made her mad the most was that it was difficult for Jessie to say her own name.

Even with all of the bullying and the frustration she built inside her, singing helped ease her pain.

In 2014, Stride decided to take manners into her own hands. With the support of her parents, she enrolled in a five day course at the McGuire Program and had a breakthrough.

“I learnt how to speak confidently and eloquently, and not to be afraid, it was an amazing feeling.”

Since the program, Stride has become a hairdresser, which has beena dream of hers. She also has a boyfriend, Adam, who has been nothing but supportive to Jessie.

“When my speech started to come back I thought, ‘I’m going to turn this around and make a positive out of what’s happened”.

In 2016, Jessie Stride auditioned on the X Factor singing her original song “Control”. The song is about the struggles she faced as a child with her speech impediment.

Stride has shown that no matter how dark a situation can be positivity will always lead you out.

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