Macy’s 2017 Flower Show: New York City

Macy’s Is In Full Bloom Thanks To These Arrangements

The Macy’s Flower Show is an event that allows those who reside in the concrete jungle to get at taste of some fresh greenery right on 34th Street. The floral arrangements for this year are created in the likeness of a carnival. Vibrant colors are brightly displayed all throughout Macy’s and it adds a little thrill to the shopping experience. Tourist will find this event to be extremely pleasant and picturesque at the same time. Shoppers begin to appreciate the beauty of Spring before it hits the streets thanks to the Macy’s display.

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The flowers that are on display range from orchids to lilies ranging in all shapes and sizes. New Yorkers and tourist alike will be able to view and interact with the Flower Show up until April 9th.


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