The Bob Haircut: Taking Girl World By Storm

The stylish cut has more history than you would think.

After called the bob haircut “the official haircut of 2017” women all over seemed to be sporting the “new -do,” but this haircut is in fact not new at all. Since the 20’s “Modern Girl’s” were known from their stylish short bobbed cut, their makeup, and new and improved (if I may say so myself) outfit choices. The Modern Girls were known to be taking charge of their own life, becoming the first wave of independent women our country and countries all over the world have ever known, and the bob hair style was and still is a statement in itself.


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It seems that the famous cut is making it’s way around the celebrity realm, and showing itself on confident, independent, famous young women making names for themselves without help from anyone else. Is this what the haircut stands for in 2017? Is the Modern Girl making a more modern comeback?

I'd rather be eating tacos ????

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According to, Vogue has said in 1988, “When a woman cuts her hair, she creates fresh erogenous zones and effects.” With this new fresh sense of confidence and an improved sense of self, young women are turning more and more to the famous bob cut, maybe not for the look but for the feel.


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Let’s bring this look back and take it on as the “strong, independent women” look of the century!

Written by Angelica Manos

Junior @ Rutgers University.
Lover of writing, fashion, NYC, & cheap wine.

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