Dwane Johnson and Tom Hanks announce Presidential Run in 2020.

Move over Donald Trump and Mike Pence, Dwane Johnson and Tom Hanks are coming for the white house

On the May 20th episode of Saturday Night Live, the host Dwayne Johnson made a very interesting announcement. During his monologue, Johnson, announced he was considering to run for president. Johnson later revealed that his running mate would be the famous, Tom Hanks. In the monologue, Johnson and Hanks revealed how they would win the presidency in 2020. Johnson said he would get the minority vote and Hanks said the he would get the senior vote. Even though the announcement was just a joke, some people actually supported the idea of a presidential run from Johnson and Hanks in 2020.


If there is anything Donald Trump taught everyone in 2016, it is that anyone could become president. It does not matter your profession or experience if people want to vote for you they will vote for you.

Check out the opening monologue here:


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