Jennifer Lopez Brings Her Dancing Knowledge to a New Reality Competition

Jennifer Lopez goes back to her roots with her new dance competition

No matter what Jennifer Lopez has done with her career in performance, it has been successful. The main start to her accomplished career was dancing. At the very beginning of her career in the limelight, Lopez was a dancer on the show In Living Color. In 1997 Lopez launched her career to stardom when she played Selena Quintanilla in the movie Selena. Then in 1999, Lopez became a triple threat when she had her musical debut of her single “If You Had My Love”. This debut single went on to be number one on the billboard charts. Currently Lopez is an executive producer of the show The Fosters.

After all the success, Lopez still remembers the beginning of her career which is dancing as her roots to success. Lopez is about to to go back to focusing on dancing with her new reality competition show World of Dance. Lopez discussed the show saying “Starting as a dancer, that being the core of who I am at the end of the day… I couldn’t think of a more perfect thing that I could do at this point in my career.”

World of Dance is on NBC and is on every Tuesday at 10PM ET/PT. Check out the World of Dance trailer here:

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