One of the most shocking Rupaul’s Drag Race eliminations ever

Spoiler Alert: Now that a front runner and fan favorite is eliminated, who will take the crown?

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On the May 19th episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race, many fans were shocked by the show’s most recent elimination of contestant Valentina. Valentina was declared by the host of the show, Rupaul, and cohost of the show, Michelle Visage “fan favorite” on their podcast What’s The Tee? Valentina was a front runner in the competition as she won one challenge and was in the top three for two other challenges as well was never in the bottom three for any challenges. Even before eliminating Valentina, Rupaul said “Valentina I thought you had the stuff to go all the way”.

Even though Valentina did consistently well throughout the competition, Valentina felt too comfortable and did not prepare to lip-sync for her life. At first during the lip-sync against contestant, Nina Bo’Nina Brown. Valentina kept a mask on prohibiting the judges to see Valentina’s lips during the lip sync of “Greedy” by Ariana Grande. For the first time in the show’s history, Rupaul stopped the lip-sync and wanted a redo. When Rupaul made Valentina take off her mask during the lip sync, it was shown that Valentina did not know the words to the song. Valentina’s huge mistake let fellow contestant, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, continue on in the competiton. Fans were devastated after the elimination.

Now that Valentina is eliminated, it seems like the front runner for show is either Shea Coulee or Trinity Taylor but after Valentina’s elimination, there is no certainty over who can win.

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