5 Shocking Things About “A Handmaids Tale”

by: Maryelin Ramos

If you haven’t tuned in to Hulu’s new show “A Handmaids Tale” or read the book by Margaret Atwood you are missing out on a tale about women’s position in the world  in an alternate future reality, the  story revolves around one of the only fertile women left, Offred who is potrayed by actress Elizabeth Moss. Due to a decrease in birth rates Offred finds herself living in a very changed United States where women are not allowed to work and their only duty is to bear children through Handmaids, This is the name given to fertile women who must bear the children of married un fertile couples and move from family to family after they are done birthing a child for that family. The show gives women lives familiar to how they used to be back in modern times where women were only to be in the home and raise children, they also have no freedom because the Handmaids were not given a choice, imagine not being able to go out for drinks with friends or being able to go out and make your own money? That is the life that the women in the “Handmaid’s Tale” find themselves in.

Here are the top issues that the new world faces:

1. The handmaids have to change their names

The women who are handmaids have to change their first names to match the name of the men whose household they are bearing children for. For example, the main characters original name is June and was changed to Offred because she is of the home of commander Fred, whereas her costar played by Alexis Bledel is named Ofglen because commander Glen is whose family she is giving a child to.

2. The United States is a Theocracy

The country is no longer ruled by a democracy, but is lived only by following the bible and only the bible. All conversations must be very vague (mostly on religion or the weather) everyone must be pure which means that there is no longer festivities allowed, makeup, cellphones, and women must keep their hair in tied up in a bun. Can you imagine having to give up your cellphone? Insane.

 3. A very strange dress code

Due to the new change in the country women can no longer dress how they please but must only wear blue colored long dresses and cannot show anytime of skin as where the handmaids must all wear the same red gowns with white caps that cover their heads.

4. Homophobia is bigger than ever

Within the story anyone who is found to be homosexual will be hanged in front of the town with a bag over their head that has a symbol representing why they were killed because of the fact that the United States is now living following the bible and everyone is only allowed to be heterosexual.

5. A new name

The United States has a new name. Within the show there is no more United States the country is now called gilead

A Handmaids Tale is definitely a thriller to watch and has caused many people to wonder and be frightened if this is the future of the country and women. It is a show to watch if you enjoy alternate universe type shows!

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