A Bachelorette Contestant Wanted to be on the Show since High School

A dream becomes a reality for the fan favorite contestant.

The Bachelorette contestant, Peter Kraus, has had a dream to be on The Bachelorette since high school. On his Instagram, Kraus posted a photo of his high school yearbook photo. Next to the photo there was a list of Kraus’ future dreams, which one of them was “be on the Bachelorette”. Well Kraus’ dreams came true as he is now a current contestant and front runner to win the Bachelorette. Kraus captioned the photo “#tbt to what has got to be one of the most fantastic year book blurbs I’ve ever seen. So ridiculous even I had to check its authenticity! Well… when I set my mind to something at 17… apparently I really stick to it,” Kraus added some emojis and then finished the caption saying “I’m just glad no one noticed the real atrocity here… the impeccable fashion sense,” he added, going on to use the following hashtags: “#lifegoals#icanteven #peterpeterpeter #smh#probablytookmelongertolinemyhairup#thatshirtsonfiretho #coolbeforeitwascool.”

For now Kraus has been the fan favorite to win Rachel Lindsay’s heart. While there are still a lot of contestants, it seems neck and neck between Kraus and contestant, Bryan Abasolo, to win The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette comes on Mondays at 8PM on ABC.

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